Tasty, especially for those of us who like sucking bones.
And easy for such a succulent dish.
Serves 4

First, let's prepare the artichokes for easy use in this recipe.

Buy a 4lb chicken, or smaller

Ask the butcher to cut the chicken into 18 pieces: 4 breast-pieces, sliced once each longitudinally and latitudinal; 4 chicken leg pieces, 2 thighs and 2 legs; 2 back pieces; 4 wing pieces.

Hot oil:
Heat a Dutch Oven and 6TB olive oil to the burner's medium.
Dry chicken pieces w a paper towel.
3TB flour generously seasoned with salt and freshly-ground pepper, divided between two plates
Dip the chicken pieces in the flour shaking off excess flour.
Well-brown the pieces in the Dutch oven hot oil, setting them aside as they finish browning.
When chicken is browned, add 3TB tomato paste to the oil and caramelize it for 3 minutes.
Return the chicken to the Dutch Oven for the braise.

To the Dutch oven add:
1½ cup white wine
1½ cup chicken stock
1 cup combined of fresh, chopped herbs: dill and parsley work
Bring to boil and then reduce the broth to a simmer.
Cook for 15 minutes.

Add vegetables:
1lb whole large shallots, peeled
4 prepped
8oz carrots cut into shallot-sized pieces
Bring pot back to a boil and simmer the pot for 20 minutes.

Reduce the broth to our preferred thickness, (for me, plenty of pan juices for the plates but not soupy.)