Dom's Biography

Dom, aka, Dom Capossela, grew up in Boston’s North End, in the 1950s when middle-America began to appreciate our Italian-American culture and Italian-Americans began to see ourselves as part of American mainstream.

He graduated St. Anthony’s School, Christopher Columbus High School (having spent a year and a half in a Franciscan Seminary,) Boston University, And Boston College Law School. Although practicing little law, he is a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association.

In 2008, Dom completed and self-published a cookbook, Cooking in Real Life, based on his experience owning and operating a high-end, Italian restaurant on the edge of Boston’s North End and Waterfront. 

In 2011, he completed and self-published Dom’s: An Odyssey, a sociological study based on his experience growing up in Boston’s North End, addressing the question, Why did it take six million Italians a hundred years to assimilate into American mainstream? 

In 2018, he completed a manuscript, as yet unpublished, entitled, “Conflicted,” a story of God and Satan at it again. The prize this time? – a sixteen-year-old heroin addict who wants nothing to do with either of them.
In Conflicted, a 67,000 word adventure story set in contemporary Boston, Dee, an aggressive iteration of David Carradine’s Kwai Chang Caine of the television series, “Kung Fu,” fame, traces a nascent, local crime wave to an unassailable demonic-controlled website offering followers cash-redeemable points for committing crimes. The number of the site’s hellish-disciples swells, creating a worldwide crime tsunami that plunges civilization into an anarchy bordering on the End of Days. Can Dee overcome her despair and regain the spiritual strength she needs to defeat the demon agent provocateur? Against a backdrop of a private high school, heroin addiction, police action, politics, fame, and grief, Dee and her three devoted teenaged girlfriends are about to find out.

The plan is to post, from time to time, excerpts from the manuscript. The first is posted already. Find it in Writings: “First day, First Confrontation.”