Soft-Scrambled Aromatic Eggs
Warning: The richness of the egg mix and the tastiness of the aromatics makes plates disappear in a flash. Portions are always too small.

For 2, judiciously portioned
Five eggs, if breakfast. Six if lunch.
3TB heavy cream
Chopped fresh Italian parsley to taste. It's never 'too much.'
1oz scallions or onions or shallots
1oz green bell pepper
½ oz of chili pepper, quantities vary with taste preferences
Optional: a small handful of grated Romano or Parmigiana cheeses
2TB olive oil

In a frying pan, at the ‘simmer’ setting:
Soften the aromatics
Season with a touch of salt and generous gratings of freshly-ground black pepper.

Break the eggs into a bowl, add the cream and salt and freshly-ground black pepper to taste.
Beat the eggs until just mixed and, when the aromatics are softened and smelling just great, pour in the egg mix.

Keeping the burner on a low heat, slowly cook the eggs, constantly but smoothly and gracefully scraping the bottom of the egg mix up over the top of the egg mix.
When the eggs have formed into curd-like cluster but are still moist, serve.