Versatility is the ability to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.
In the kitchen, other than chicken stock, I can’t think of a food item on which I’m so dependent.

For years, raising my daughter through high school, generated a most frequent question, “Dad, I’m taking ‘no-account’ over for dinner.”
Hardly a question.
Daughters know they tell their fathers and make sure they behave.
Or six rascals; and once eight.

Surprise guests never bothered me.
I had Marinara Sauce in the freezer.

Marinara Sauce, the sine qua non of an Italian kitchen, or any kitchen for that matter.
For an effortless light meal: Spaghetti Marinara satisfies gourmets and vegans alike.

And so easy.
Italian Olive Oil seasoned with aromatics and it’s done.
Oh! Tomatoes.
Yes, don’t forget that we must stew a can or two of Italian tomatoes in the deliciously-flavored oil, from the San Marzano region, the tomatoes.

Would you like a fish sauce for tonight? Mixed seafood or a Red Clam Sauce?
An event for some cooks.
A night off for those armed with Marinara Sauce.

Or how about adding a small scoop in a stew?

Or a vegan fav, Pasta e Fagioli, a delicious combination of ceci beans, pasta, and Marinara Sauce.

Or frying off some meat and then stewing the meat in Marinara Sauce for a quick Spaghetti and Meatballs.

Or boil some pasta and serve the Pasta Marinara as a side order starch?

For children, to make eating vegetables more palatable?

Unexpected company?

Someone home not feeling well and can’t eat anything heavy?

For an imaginative cook, Marinara Sauce is the ultimate comfort.


And it keeps.