Too many times we diminish our home life.
I’m talking dinnertime.
We choose economy cuts of meat to prepare.
We choose less expensive wines to drink.

To save money.
When we eat at home. 

I go opposite.
To save money.

At home I eat lobsters and Prime-Aged sirloin. (A touch of hyperbole here.)
The best quality foods and usually the easiest to prepare.
The finest cuts of meat work fine with simple grilling.
Stew meats prefer more complex treatments.

And I drink finer wines at home.
I love a glass of champagne before dinner.
The real French stuff.
I buy splits. They are a glass and a quarter. They are hard to find.

How does this save money?

Restaurants are alluring.
A night away from the kitchen.Sociability.
Fine wines.
Steaks and lobsters.

In restaurants, I eschew expensive bottles of wine, ordering wine by the glass.
And if I don’t care for the selection, I will make love to a gin and tonic; or a gin chilled and served in a martini glass.

By improving my eating and drinking at home, I reduce the pull of dining-out by two of the allures: the fine wines and the prime food products.
Which reduces the number of times I decide I need to eat out.
Which saves a number of monstrous restaurant bills.

Lobsters, steaks, and fine wine at home.
Save money.