I had a rare sleepless night last night.
The melatonin didn’t help.
My body just decided to turn on.

Are you ever awake all night?
Tossing and turning?
What do you do?

Watch TV?

I posted my blog.
Some of you noticed how early it was: earlier than 2.00am.
In fact, one of our bloggers texted me at that time asking me what I was doing awake.
She had just flown in.
That’s her story.

But I was tired.
Tried to get back to sleep.
No go.

But I determined not to lie about, indulging myself, bemoaning my fate, spending time I will never get back.
I got out of bed again and made my first meat loaf.
Pretty good.
A great anchor recipe that will be delicious when made the first time and provide ample opportunities to tweak to our personal tastes.

Decided to post it for today.

When I took the meat loaf out of the oven I went back to bed and slept about an hour and a half.
Better than nothing.