Thank you.
For receiving my daily posts into your life.

It’s over 100 days now.
I wondered when I began: will I like doing it?

I love it.

Outside of the blog:
I’ve been writing for many years now and have a store of content.
I’ve been living for many years and have a store of experience.
I’ve been careful with my health and have a store of energy.
The blog suits.

And the results have been encouraging.

Old friends.
New friends.
Supplying a constant flow of appreciation.

Not that it’s easy.
Not by a long shot.
I must submit to the implacable discipline of a daily blog; of adding content to the Web Site.

This is the second great creative moment of my life, the restaurant being the first. (We’re not counting creating a family.)
The thrill of the creativity of writing alone is worth the price of admission.
As is the tweaking leading to gradual and incremental improvements to the blog presentation; and to my organization.

Also thrilling is to me is the amount of help I’m getting, in tech support, organization, and encouragement.
I didn’t figure this social aspect.
Quite welcome – the responders, bloggers all – pre-filtered.
Common ground from outset.

And on the practical side, how many ventures in this capitalist society can one undertake without risk of great financial loss?

Thank you for your support.