Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Changes are coming.
On Thursday, two changes to our website are coming.

One is that past recent posts will be found on the same pages as today’s.
Not much of a change.

The second is that we will feature a Subscription box that, when filled out with the user’s email address, will permit new followers to receive the daily post.
Not much of a change.

Beyond our website, spring.

Changes are coming.

Wednesday weather will be similar to today, but warmer. And another day bites the dust.  Tick Tock. In clock language:   Enjoy today. Enjoy the week.

Wednesday weather will be similar to today, but warmer.
And another day bites the dust.

Tick Tock.
In clock language:

Enjoy today.
Enjoy the week.

Postings Count, Weather Brief, and Dinner

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

My 382nd consecutive posting, committed to 5,000.
After 382 posts we’re at the 7.64% mark of my commitment, the commitment a different way of marking the passage of time.

Time is 12.01am.

On Tuesday, Boston’s temperature will reach a high of 55* with a feels-like of 54* with clouds and showers.

Dinner for tonight will be leftover goose.

Question of the Day:
Any images of spring?

Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Love your notes.
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From Sally C, re the posting on Borderline personality disorder:

Dear Dom,

Depression young woman.jpg

Thank you to your friend Kali for being open and direct about mental illness.  We all need to be educated about it, whether or not we so afflicted ourselves.  Such honesty can and will go far to dispel the stigma of shame that our culture has placed on those who suffer from the many forms this takes.

A good friend of mine has a mental illness of some kind.  She has not identified it to me, and I am not an expert, or even a novice, in such things.  What triggers her anxiety most is frustration with those who will not listen to her.  They assume that she is stupid because she has mental health problems, which is far from the case.  (Even if she were stupid, that wouldn’t have any bearing on her mental health problems.)  Even psychologists and psychiatrists have told her that they don’t want to deal with her anymore.  What a cruel thing to tell someone in her position!  That’s their job! ( I tell her that they’re worse off than she is! That makes her chuckle.)

As a friend, all I can do is listen, but that’s usually all she needs.  She doesn’t expect me to solve her problems; she needs a confidante with whom she can vent, knowing that whatever she tells me goes no further.  She is sometimes difficult to deal with (but who among us isn’t?).  It doesn’t do me any damage to give her an hour of my time once or twice a week, just to listen.

She has taught me a lot, and I appreciate God allowing us to share paths for some of the time we tread this earth.  I hope to be more compassionate as a result.


Web Meister Responds: Thanks for sharing, Sally. Nice stuff.

Chuckle of the Day
A wife got so angry at her husband she packed his bags and told him to get out.

As he opened the front door she yelled, "I hope you die a long, slow, painful death."

He turned and looked at her. "So after all that yelling and screaming you want me to stay?"

Answer to the Question of the Day:
Any images of spring?

Here are two images of grass that just a week ago was mottled with unattractive bald spots and brown grass.

renewal grass.jpg
renewlal grass II.jpg

And I came upon this pop up celebration of change on the Boston Common on April 21, 2019, dancing, clapping and band playing: four images.


dancing on common 1.jpg


dancing on common 2.jpg


dancing on common 3.jpg


dancing on common 4.jpg

Some changes are happy ones: victorious elections, births, a subscription box on our website, blossoming, dancing.

Changes coming? I’m going to empty this and see what I need to add.

Changes coming?
I’m going to empty this and see what I need to add.

Good Morning on this Tuesday, the Twenty-Third Day of April.

We posted a thought on changes, two coming to our blog/website.
And in short order counted our postings, talked about the weather, and prepped leftover goose for dinner.
Sally sent an email on depression and we posted a chuckle.
Our q and a was a series of photos that I’ve been trying to post for a while.
The blog has been too busy to squeeze them in.

And now? Gotta go.

Che vuoi? Le pocketbook?

See you soon.

Your love.