On Friday I drove five hundred miles, from Dallas to Meridian.
Half the distance to Georgia.

Nothing at all to report except on the driving itself.
I’ve been two weeks without a long (6 hours) sleep and dozing off a constant threat.
The key for me is immediate response to pull over and close my eyes for five minutes.
I don’t know what stage of sleep that is but I do know a five-minute nap refreshes me.

Another driving tip: serious exercising and/or stretching protects drivers against back and other muscle problems.
Many years ago I suffered from lower back pain on as short a drive as Boston to NYC.
Not since I started working out.

Plus I make frequent stops to empty the tank, to fill the tank, to take a picture, to buy a coffee, to have breakfast, to learn about the road ahead at visitor’s information centers, or to stretch at rest stops.

Each time I return to the wheel I remind myself to drive within the flow of traffic, whether the left lane, fast, or the right lane, not so fast.
Don’t fight the flow.

On Saturday I drove another 500 miles and made it to a Quality Inn in Savannah.
Had a nice dinner I’ll report on tomorrow or the next day.

Homeward bound.
I’m glad I am,
Homeward bound.

Today is Sunday, September 23, 2018
This is my 166th consecutive daily posting.

Time is 4.55am and the weather in Savannah, Ga is warm, 86, and clear.
Should be a perfect day for my walking Savannah’s famous squares.
I am very excited.

I won’t have time to talk about the dinner I had last night in Savannah but I will tomorrow.
Some notes.

Too many of the large buildings in Dallas are offices down to the ground level.
To the exclusion of retail shops that should be ubiquitous in a great city.
To the diminution of pedestrian activity.

I did get personal errands done there: laundry, dry cleaning, a haircut, Planet Fitness.

And I worked out the rest of my itinerary:
Sunday and Sunday night stay in Savannah.
Not having to move will enable me to catch up on the blog: send more pictures.

Monday moving 5/6 driving hours closer to Swarthmore.
By virtue of threading my way through the ravaged roads of North Carolina.

Tuesday arrive at Swarthmore to spend two nights visiting w my daughter, Kat, and some friends.
Thursday drive from Philly to Boston.

Now, on Sunday, 9/23/18, at 5.41am, lacking any pictures, I am going to copy these notes onto the blog and call it a day.
Since I’m not moving to another hotel, I will spend a lot of today putting together a fitting posting for tomorrow.

Thanks guys.

Love you.


One picture. Gary and Aly waited on me at Elizabeth’s on 37th on Saturday night. They were terrific. The restaurant was terrific.

One picture.
Gary and Aly waited on me at Elizabeth’s on 37th on Saturday night.
They were terrific.
The restaurant was terrific.