The bizarre of inexactitude reveals itself as a tilt; as a piss-poor internet connection; or as a trip to places unknown and unknowable except for on-the-spot observation, inquiry, and risk-taking.
Not particularly my idea of fun.

And yet, what I propose to undertake on Tuesday, September 5, 2018 when I launch myself into the unknown for a thirty day solo auto trip to Jackson Hole, WY.

Most of the month-long I’ll be at or close to people in clusters important enough to warrant strong connections to the outside world; easy access to help on the road; good restaurants; and a healthy sprinkling of motels and hotels.

But some of the time?
Not so.

And I’m afraid.
Of being without the Internet.
Of the absence of cafes, even Starbuck’s.
Of extreme boredom.
Of having to navigate by the North Star.  And is the North Star still there?
Of an automobile malfunction.
Of getting lost in farmland as undisturbed by human habitation as the famous airplane-spraying scene in Hitchcock’s North by Northwest.
Actually afraid that those same pilots will be on the lookout for people from Massachusetts.
Not really that.

Today is Sunday, July 8, 2018
Good morning, my friends.
This is my ninety-first consecutive daily posting.

It’s 6.08am and we in Boston are enjoying two or three days of absolutely glorious weather. What a treat.

Wikipedia’s report of the movie playing: The Howards of Virginia is a 1940 American film released by Columbia Pictures and based on the book The Tree of Liberty written by Elizabeth Page. The Howards of Virginia live through the American Revolutionary War, with Cary Grant starring as Matt Howard, Martha Scott starring as his wife Jane Peyton Howard, and Alan Marshal and Sir Cedric Hardwicke starring as Jane's brothers Roger and Fleetwood Peyton. Fleetwood Peyton is Jane’s elder brother, the patriarch of his family, and a member of the Tidewater aristocracy. The film includes a look at the young Matt Howard, Thomas Jefferson, and Jane Peyton.Much of the film was shot at Colonial Williamsburg, much of which had only been recently restored or reconstructed at the time of the production. The Capitol, Raleigh Tavern and Governor's Palace are prominently featured.

I am a sucker for movies with either the Revolutionary or Civil War as the backdrop. I’m pretty well insatiable.

At my desk.
Dinner is leftovers from a terrific dinner of The Gravy, the lighter version, and a Roast Chicken, our recipe, of course.

Am progresses, slowly, on my auto-trip plans. Here, starting from our arrival at Jackson Hole, WY, and ending at our leaving Dallas, TX for Savannah, GA.

Today’s Post

So while there are a lot of sections of this trip that appear to be best planned when we are in the area, once reaching Jackson Hole, WY the trip solidifies for a few days.
Beginning with a two-day stay in Yellowstone, Days 10 and 11 of the itinerary.

By the time I’m sitting to figure this part of the trip, I’ve decided to add the Grand Canyon to the itinerary.
So on Day 12 we’ll leave Yellowstone and drive nine hours to Salt Lake City, spend the night and part of the next day there, leaving at the same time we arrived, a day later.

On Day 13, we’ve left Salt Lake City and are en route to the Grand Canyon, a ten hour drive.

We’ll spend two days there, one for the North Rim and one for the South Rim, Days 14 and 15.

From the Grand Canyon, we’ll drive eight hours to Santa Fe and spend a relaxed half day there, Day 16.

And from Santa Fe to Dallas, Tx, a ten to twelve-hour drive.

We may decide to stop just short of Dallas if the drive gets too long, the end of Day 17.
Day 18 we’ll spend in Dallas, leaving Dallas on Day 19.

Here is how this part looks in a grid:

Missing the top line. Will correct in a bit.

Missing the top line. Will correct in a bit.

Now we are at our southernmost penetration of the states, on the same latitude as Savannah, GA.
Savannah is an important destination for us by virtue of my having tasted the city but needing more time there.

For the next couple of days we are Northerners traveling east through the South.
Not the first ones.

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