Tonight’s dinner party supplies today’s thought: serving our much-vaunted recipe, The Gravy, to an all-Italo guest list.
Armed with the recipe from our Web Site, I go forward knowing I have nothing to fear from the challenge.

Poor them if they think they have a chance.
They don’t.
But they know.
Game over before it starts.

Thing is, one doesn’t have to be Italo to compete.
Often enough, past habits can even frustrate learning.
Novices often better learners.
The recipe on our Web Site will lead us to the winner’s circle.

Today is Saturday, July 7, 2018
Good morning, my friends.
This is my ninetieth consecutive daily posting.

It’s 5.45am and today is the first of two perfect days, sun and seventies.

Wikipedia summary of what’s on the screen: Wizards is a 1977 American animated post-apocalyptic science fantasy film written, directed and produced by Ralph Bakshi. The film follows a battle between two wizards of opposing powers, one representing the forces of magic and one representing the forces of industrial technology.

Wizards is notable for being Bakshi's first fantasy film, a filmmaker who was previously known only for urban films such as Fritz the Cat, Heavy Traffic and Coonskin. The film grossed $9 million theatrically with a $2 million budget, and has since become a cult classic. It is also the first animated film to be released by 20th Century Fox.

I’m at my desk.
Dinner is, as posted above, The Gravy, with Braciola and Meatballs, followed by a simple Roast Chicken, the recipe for which is also on our Web Site.

Today’s Web Site Tweak to report is a Button-Link.
In the Recipe Section, look for “The Gravy.”
Find the button at the end of that recipe labeled “The Gravy, Lighter Version.”
Click it and we get a permanent rendition of today’s post.

Today’s Post
So the menu tonight is pasta, the meats from the Gravy, and then a Roast Chicken with lemon and chopped herbs.
No Chicken Gravy.
We have enough gravy.
Keep it lighter.

I made The Gravy already, choosing a Braciola and Meatballs for the meats, using the recipes posted on our Web Site.

My plan is to make a Lighter Gravy.

I began the cook by preparing the meatballs and the braciola and setting them aside.

Rather than fry the meat, which adds extra meat fat to the simmer, we’ll follow our recipe for a Marinara Sauce which has no meat.

Here’s the thing.
After we add the tomatoes as directed, after we stir the pot to thoroughly mix the aromatics with the tomatoes, we’ll add the uncooked meats to the pot.

Simmer the pot for ninety minutes, longer if using a Braciola.

The result: a Lighter Gravy.

Service will be a platter of the Braciola sliced into 3” thick rounds, the Meatballs, a bowl of just-cooked, al dente pasta sauced in the kitchen, and a pot of extra Gravy.

That eaten, I have another main course in mind, a Roast Chicken.
Glad I’ll be there.

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