I’m in Swarthmore, PA.
Should have been in Philadelphia.
Car issue.

Today is Wednesday, September 26, 2018
This is my 169th consecutive daily posting.

Time is 4.30am and the weather in Swarthmore, PA is 71* and cloudy.

I’ll be spending this Wednesday at Swarthmore with Kat.
We’ll have dinner with Howard and Melissa at Buddakan in Philly.
I’ll spend the night in Philadelphia and head out to Boston in the morning.
Car willing.

Monday morning I left Savannah early, 6.00am, and headed north on Route 95.
Swarthmore about 700 miles.
Not possible to do that in one day, but not having a stopover destination in mind, I headed out without a destination except determined to drive about 400 miles today, leaving 300 for Tuesday, stopping wherever 400 miles sets me down.

Thinking about the residents along Route 95 suffering yet from the ravages of a storm a full week ago.
Rte 95 was clear for travel.
Some signage along the way gave indication of work being done.
Some telegraph poles buried to their shoulders in water.
Not much else.
Feeling the suffering on both sides of me as I drove Rte 95 doing a meditative 65mph in a 70mph zone.

Then I saw a sign for Richmond, Va, directly on the route, 467 miles from Savannah, leaving a mere 233 miles for Tuesday.
Never been.

A lovely lady in the Virginia Visitors’ Center on the highway, Theresa, helped me find a hotel room downtown.
Not that easy.

Frustrated with myself that I didn’t take her picture.

Checked into the hotel and went out for dinner.
I was in a bone mood and went to Morton’s, a 15 minute walk.
The bone-in grilled rib eye was just what I needed.
22oz the menu read.
I wouldn’t bet the house on it.

I sipped a Grey Goose straight up. Chilled. Two cocktail onions.
I ate every bit of the 22oz with a Caesar Salad as accompaniment and Undaunted Courage for company.
Just what I needed.

This Tuesday morning I am walking out to breakfast at the Urban Market.
They open at 6.30am.

So the top row illustrates a variety of Richmond street scenes.
While some blocks of the city encourage pedestrian traffic, some do not.
Perhaps the city lacking a strong redevelopment authority to impose usages on new buildings.
Bottom left is the Urban Cafe which I passed Monday night on my way to Morton’s.
Bottom right: does it look like a Charles Sheeler?
Okay, so it doesn’t.

After breakfast at the Urban Cafe I walked along the canal that runs through Richmond.
A nice walk: quiet, leisurely, pretty.
The top row includes a map of the canal when it flourished.
The other photos just some smile-producing moments.

I liked the angles.

I liked the angles.

So that does it for this posting.
After this walk I drove the 240 miles to Swarthmore, running into car trouble, limping into that small town.

Continue tomorrow.

Love you